Dutch Kills Playground

Dutch Kills Playground have been used by three different schools, it is utilized by students in PS 112, IS 204, the Baccalaureate School for Global Education, and Energy Tech High school.

This is Dutch Kills Playground

Even though there is a open field that has been utilized by the students in the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. The actual park used for the other school has been in construction for ages. We hope we can hasten the renovation and have them finish the construction by May.


Fix it

Our blog site, “Parks.home.blog”, we have been trying to get people to fix the park for ages, but we still haven’t saw enough progress done. So, we really need the workers to do something, at least finish the basketball courts and make it public to all.

Blog Statistics


This was our blog’s view statistics and this is not satisfactory. The views are not consistent because some days we have hundreds of views then other days we have no views what so ever. This is an issue we have to solve by creating better content and spreading the main idea of the blog site.