The big day is coming up, Dutch kills play ground is about to open up.

Park Safety and Regulations

Park safety is gaining more recognition. The video shows what happened.

There’s been a death at a public park and it provides reasoning for authorities to increase security in a park. The video is an infomercial about the situation of NYC public parks. This video is to create awareness for the situation at hand. The video was created with an outline, there was research online and using articles, an outline was made for the video which then was made into the actual video. This video was safety, there are videos about history of parks and water sanitation.

Dutch Kills Playground has a bit of history.

“Urban development and industrialization caught up with the rural hamlet in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Long Island Rail Road arrived in 1861, and several factories opened in the area. Dutch Kills joined Astoria Village, Hunter’s Point, Ravenswood, Middletown, and Blissville (now Sunnyside) to form Long Island City in 1870. The Queensboro Bridge, opened in 1909, directly linked the community to Manhattan.”


The park itself also has a bit of history attached to it, it was said to be reconstructed 20 years ago but they only started construction now. There weren’t enough people to urge the construction of the park. It is in these 20 years that people noticed something.